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TROJAN HORSE coin from the ANCIENT MYTHS series. First issue.

  • Collection name:Ancient Myths
  • Technology:high relief, antique finish, wooden insert
  • Year of issue:2016
  • Country:Niue
  • Face Value:5 dollars
  • Metal:silver
  • Purity:.999
  • Weight:2 oz
  • Dimensions:45 mm
  • Mintage:500
  • Availability:Sold Out
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Royal Krakow Mint


Royal Krakow Mint presents:

First issue from the Ancient Myth series - Trojan Horse


The obverse of the Trojan Horse 2 oz coin, the inaugural release in the Ancient Myths series, invites you into the realm of legendary deceit. Gaze upon the meticulously detailed image of the infamous Trojan Horse standing poised before the imposing gates. Led by soldiers, this wooden behemoth carries within it a secret agenda that would seal the fate of Troy. A striking wooden insert graces the side, capturing the essence of the cunning subterfuge that has echoed through history.


As you turn the coin to its reverse side, a captivating maritime scene unfolds. The deep expanse of the sea stretches out, its waves rippling in the presence of imminent history. Upon this aqueous stage sail three resolute boats, each carrying a contingent of determined soldiers. These vessels are the embodiment of the Greek forces, the architects of the audacious Trojan Horse stratagem.


The Trojan Horse coin is an embodiment of timeless myths intricately woven into numismatic artistry. This exceptional piece is a part of the revered Ancient Myths collection, marking the first entrancing release in the series. The coin's design comes to life with high relief techniques that lend depth and dimension to the imagery. The antique finish imparts a sense of agelessness, as if the coin itself has journeyed through the corridors of history. With a wooden insert serving as a tactile nod to the deceptive Trojan Horse, the coin stands as a testament to the depth of human storytelling. Minted in 2016, this coin holds a face value of 5 dollars and contains 2 ounces of .999 pure silver. Its substantial 45 mm diameter gives ample space to showcase the intricate details, turning this coin into a captivating work of art.

The Trojan Horse coin captures the essence of cunning strategy and historical intrigue, encapsulating this timeless myth within 2 ounces of pure silver. It serves as both an exquisite collector's piece and a tangible link to the captivating narratives of ancient times.

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