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PROMETHEUS coin from the ANCIENT MYTHS series. Third issue. 

  • Collection name:Ancient Myths
  • Technology:high relief, antique finish, rose gold insert
  • Year of issue:2019
  • Country:Niue
  • Face Value:5 dollars
  • Metal:Silver
  • Purity:.999
  • Weight:2 oz
  • Dimensions:45 mm
  • Mintage:500
  • Availability:Sold out
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Royal Krakow Mint


Royal Krakow Mint presents:

Third issue from the Ancient Myth series - Prometheus


The obverse of the Prometheus 2 oz coin transports you into the heart of an ancient tale. Imprinted upon its surface is the enduring image of Prometheus, the defiant Titan, depicted in stunning detail. Chained to a rugged rock, the anguish in his expression is palpable as he endures the relentless torment of an eagle feasting upon his regenerating liver. The intricate chains that bind him are more than just artistic elements – one among them is a delicate rose gold chain, a genuine insert that adds a touch of elegance and symbolism to this numismatic masterpiece. The obverse captures the essence of the myth in a way that resonates with the viewer's senses.


Flipping the coin reveals the majestic reverse, a tableau that echoes the heights of Mount Olympus. The undulating landscape of Olimp Hill sprawls across the background, a testament to the gods' vantage point over the mortal realm. Near this divine realm is the ever-burning fire, a profound symbol of the stolen knowledge that Prometheus bestowed upon humanity. The reverse complements the coin's theme by juxtaposing the ethereal beauty of Olympus with the raw power of the fire that once connected the mortal and divine realms.


The Prometheus coin is a testament to the craftsmanship that marries ancient narratives with contemporary numismatic artistry. It is part of the esteemed Ancient Myths collection, representing the third captivating release in this series. Using high relief techniques, the coin's design comes to life with depth and dimension. The antique finish lends an air of antiquity, as if the coin itself has traversed through the annals of history. A unique touch is the rose gold insert – a chain intricately incorporated into the design, symbolizing both Prometheus's plight and the allure of human resilience. Minted by Niue in the year 2019, the coin bears a face value of 5 dollars and contains 2 ounces of .999 pure silver. With dimensions measuring 38.61 mm, this coin is not just a treasure to behold, but a tangible link to the enduring power of myth.

The Prometheus 2 oz coin stands as a tribute to the indomitable spirit of Prometheus, immortalized in silver and rose gold, inviting you to hold a piece of ancient legend in the palm of your hand.

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