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At Royal Krakow Mint, we are proud to offer our unparalleled expertise in the production of exquisite collectors coins. We invite wholesale coin dealers to join the RKM Dealer Club in our pursuit of creating lasting legacies through the art of coin collecting. As part of our RKM Dealer Club, you gain first-hand access to our extensive line of premium quality coins, minted with the finest materials and craftsmanship.

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RKM Dealer Club Values


We believe in preserving the prestige and integrity of our brand. As such, we limit the number of dealers we work with, ensuring that each one is part of an exclusive community.


Our extensive line of premium quality numismatic coins is the result of our commitment to excellence in craftsmanship and materials. We strive to create lasting legacies for our customers, and your customers.


We believe in fostering mutually beneficial relationships with our dealers, and we are committed to providing opportunities for growth and success in the modern numismatic industry.


Our team of experts is dedicated to providing exceptional service and support to our dealers, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience for you and your customers.









How do I join the RKM Dealer Club?
To join the RKM Dealer Club, simply complete the application form on our website. Once your application is received, a member of our team will review it and get back to you as soon as possible.

What is the Royal Krakow Mint (RKM) Dealer Club?
The RKM Dealer Club is a network of dealers and wholesalers who work with the Royal Krakow Mint. Our goal is to enrich your product offering with one-of-a-kind, premium and highly limited products. Members of the RKM Dealer Club have access to exclusive benefits, such as discounted pricing, priority access to new releases, and dedicated support from our team.
What are the benefits of joining the RKM Dealer Club?
As a member of the RKM Dealer Club, you'll receive access to exclusive benefits. They include: discounted pricing on all Royal Krakow Mint products, priority access to new releases and limited edition coins, dedicated support from our team of numismatic experts, and access to marketing materials to help you promote the products.
Who can join the RKM Dealer Club?
Any wholesale dealer of collector coins who is interested in becoming a dealer or wholesaler of Royal Krakow Mint products is eligible to join the RKM Dealer Club. This includes existing dealers and wholesalers, as well as those who are new to the industry.
What is the cost to join the RKM Dealer Club?
There is no cost to join the RKM Dealer Club.
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We invite wholesale coin dealers to join the RKM Dealer Club

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