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EXPLORATION OF SPACE coin from the DE DOODLE series. First issue. 

  • Collection name:De Doodle
  • Technology:High relief, black proof, microprinting, hologram, 3D glow in the dark inserts, coin & CoA numeration
  • Year of issue:2022
  • Country:Cameroon
  • Face Value:3000 francs
  • Metal:silver
  • Purity:.999
  • Weight:3 oz
  • Dimensions:60 mm
  • Mintage:422
  • Availability:Sold out
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Royal Krakow Mint


Royal Krakow Mint presents:

First issue from the De Doodle series - Exploration of Space

For the first time ever, the unique and underrated doodle art appears on a coin. The Exploration of Space coin begins a brand new 3 oz coin series - De Doodle - dedicated to portraying relevant matters and facts in a seemingly simplistic way.

The reverse of the coin presents a number of elements referring to the Solar System, as well as events that are important for humanity in the field of discovering the universe, such as:

- the first ever flight to Mars, the "Mars 2020" Mission, seeking signs of ancient life (e.g. rover),
- Nasa's Ingenuity Helicopter landing on the Jezero Crater on Mars (drone),
- the Apollo 13 Accident,
- the Apollo Program

to name a few examples.

Coin owners are encouraged to take a deep look at the coin and search for various references to events, objects and more - the imagination is the only limit.

As for the obverse, the coin presents the collection name - "De Doodle" - written several times all over the surface in various sizes and directions, with the biggest one being covered with a real hologram. There is also information regarding the issuing country, Cameroon, as well as the issue year and denomination.

This coin, as well as other releases from the series, is rich in multiple minting and finishing technologies, including Black Proof, Microprinting, High Relief and Antique Finish. This particular one also includes 3D-printed inserts, representing Neptune, Mars and the moon, and a real hologram.

The whole mintage is just 422 pieces worldwide and each coin is numbered - which can be noticed on the coin edge right next to the engraving of the collection name.

The whole set consists of one coin, a box as well as a Certificate of Authenticity + a special surprise.


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