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Oct 16, 2023, News

Where To Look For Wholesale Coin Dealers?

Where To Look For Wholesale Coin Dealers?

If you've ever found yourself captivated by the world of coins, you might have wondered about the maestros behind the scenes - the wholesale coin dealers. 

These experts are the gatekeepers to a treasure trove of rare and valuable coins, playing a vital role in connecting collectors, retailers, and auction houses. 

But where do you find these dealers, and how can you start your journey into the world of wholesale coin collecting?

This is what you are going to learn on our Royal Krakow Mint blog today.

Who are wholesale coin dealers? 

Wholesale coin dealers are experts in the coin world who sell and/or buy coins in large quantities. They act as middlemen, connecting collectors, retailers, and auction houses with a variety of coins, including rare and valuable ones. These dealers play a crucial role in the coin market by facilitating the distribution of coins on a broader scale.

What do wholesale coin dealers do?

Think of wholesale coin dealers as the matchmakers of the coin world. Their job is to source those gems in bulk and make them available to sellers, auction houses, and collectors. 

They're the bridge connecting collectors to the coins they dream of adding to their collections.

How to start collaborating with a wholesale coin dealer?

Starting to collaborate with a dealer is simpler than you might think. Here are some examples:

  • Attend coin shows and conventions - it’s like entering a coin wonderland where you can meet dealers face-to-face. 

  • You can also sign up for coin dealer clubs - we have one at Royal Krakow Mint - the RKM Dealer Club.  Keep on reading to learn what exactly it is.

  • Or, explore reputable online platforms and forums - this is where these dealers showcase their sparkling collections. 

  • Don’t forget to join numismatic associations – these groups are like your secret coin society, connecting collectors with wholesale dealers.

What is the RKM Dealer Club?

The RKM Dealer Club is an exclusive opportunity extended by Royal Krakow Mint to other wholesale coin dealers. 

As a member of the club, wholesale coin dealers gain privileged access to Royal Krakow Mint's extensive line of premium-quality collectors' coins. 

These coins are crafted with the finest materials and exceptional craftsmanship, embodying the commitment of Royal Krakow Mint to excellence in the world of numismatics.

Key features of the RKM Dealer Club:

  • Exclusivity: the RKM Dealer Club values exclusivity, limiting the number of dealers it works with to maintain the prestige and integrity of its brand. Members become part of an exclusive community of dealers.

  • Quality: membership comes with access to an extensive line of premium quality numismatic coins. These coins are designed to create lasting legacies for both the dealers and their customers, reflecting a commitment to excellence in craftsmanship and materials.

  • Growth opportunities: Royal Krakow Mint is committed to fostering mutually beneficial relationships with its dealers. The club provides opportunities for growth and success in the modern numismatic industry. Our RKM Dealer Club Members get various chances to promote themselves through our networks, e.g on our company LinkedIn or on our website.

  • Exceptional support: members of the RKM Dealer Club benefit from a dedicated team of experts who provide exceptional service and support. This ensures a seamless and enjoyable experience for both dealers and their customers.

How to join the RKM Dealer Club

To become a part of this exclusive club and elevate the world of coin collecting, interested wholesale coin dealers can fill out the form available on the Royal Krakow Mint website. It can be also done by sending an email to dealerclub@royalkrakowmint.com.

By joining the RKM Dealer Club, dealers align themselves with the values of exclusivity, quality, growth, and exceptional support. 

We believe in creating a partnership that goes beyond the transactional to build a lasting legacy in the world of numismatics.

Where to look for a wholesale coin dealer?

Your treasure hunt begins at coin shows, online platforms, numismatic associations and individual dealer’s websites, like the Royal Krakow Mint website.

Picture this: attending a coin show and striking a deal with a dealer who has that elusive coin you've been searching for. 

Or browsing through an online marketplace, finding a gem and having it shipped to your doorstep. 

It’s all about being where the coins are and building connections with those in the know.

Wrap up

So, there you have it - the inside scoop on wholesale coin dealers. 

They're the key to unlocking a whole new level of coin collecting. 

Now, go out there, attend those shows, explore online platforms, and join those associations. 

Your next rare find might be just around the corner!

Ready to elevate your collection? Dive into the treasures at Royal Krakow Mint. Explore now at royalkrakowint.com. 

Happy collecting!

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